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Handling of personal information

  1. Organization name or name
    Sun Amenity Co., Ltd.
  2. Purpose of use of personal information
    To respond to your inquiries
  3. Regarding provision of personal information to third parties
    The acquired personal information will not be provided to third parties unless required by law.
  4. Regarding entrustment of handling of personal information
    We may outsource all or part of the handling of acquired personal information.
  5. Consequences of not providing personal information
    Providing personal information is voluntary. If you do not provide some of your personal information, we may not be able to respond to your inquiry.
  6. Disclosure of retained personal data and contact point for inquiries
    Upon request from the individual, disclosure of personal data held by the Company, notification of purpose of use, correction/addition or deletion of content, suspension of use, erasure, suspension of provision to third parties, and provision of records to third parties. We will respond to disclosure (hereinafter referred to as disclosure, etc.).
    Please refer to the "Contact information for complaints, consultations, etc. regarding our handling of personal information" below for the contact point for responding to disclosures, etc.
  7. Acquisition of personal information by a method that cannot be easily recognized by the person in question
    We do not collect personal information through methods that cannot be easily recognized by the individual, such as by using cookies or web beacons.
  8. Regarding security management measures for personal information
    Regarding acquired personal information, we will take necessary and appropriate measures to prevent and correct leakage, loss, or damage, and to safely manage personal information.
    After responding to your inquiry, the acquired personal information will be deleted within our company.
  9. privacy policy
    On our websiteprivacy policyPlease see.
  10. Name or job title, affiliation, and contact information of the personal information protection manager (or his/her representative)
    Personal information protection manager: General Manager of Management Headquarters
    Phone number: 03-3927-2311
  11. Contact information for complaints, consultations, etc. regarding our handling of personal information
Name of counter Personal information inquiry desk
contact address Contact person: General Manager of Management Headquarters
Address: Sun Amenity Oji Building, 3-19-7 Oji, Kita-ku, Tokyo
Phone: 03-3927-2311