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May 4th (Sat) - 6th (Mon) Hot Okuma x "Panda Sento" collaboration event


Hotto Okuma

The Panda Bathhouse has come back to Okuma!!

From May 4th (Sat) to 6th (Mon), Hot Okuma x Panda Sento collaboration event will be held!

Hot Okuma will be holding an event in collaboration with the popular picture book "Panda Sento" from the 4th (Sat) to the 6th (Mon)!


① Fragrance bath: 4th and 6th "Panda bath, bamboo scented bath" 5th "Iris bath"

Bathing is prohibited except for pandas!?

You can enjoy medicinal baths to soothe the tired pandas at Hot Okuma!

On the 5th we are planning to offer a seasonal iris bath!


②Okuma enters the world of panda bathhouses!

The large bath and rest area are transformed into a panda bathhouse!

If you come to Okuma, you might discover the secrets of pandas!

*Photography is allowed except in the large bath and changing rooms!


3) Panda bathhouse merchandise is also on sale!

We also sell panda bathhouse merchandise such as picture books, tenugui towels, and drawstring bags!

Original gacha will also be available! (Limited quantity)


Please come visit us at Okuma on the day!