Ono Station

It is the only railway station in the town, located 3 hours by limited express Hitachi from Tokyo Station.

There is a waiting room, so you can not only relax until your train arrives, but you can also view books donated by the Okuma Town Library (now dismantled) and flyers for various events held in and around the town. .

Starting in 2023, Okuma Town's local capsule toys will be installed in collaboration with JR, and if you exit the ticket gate and follow the footsteps of Okuma Town's mascot character, Maa-chan, there will also be a car sharing service. You can safely and happily explore Okuma Town in this cute electric car decorated with Maa-chan.

On the west side of the station, an industrial exchange facility and commercial facility are scheduled to open in December 2024, and a social education complex is scheduled to open in 2027, and the area is about to regain its liveliness.


〒979-1308 Shimotsukekamiono, Okuma-machi, Futaba-gun, Fukushima Prefecture