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Sakashita Dam

It is an artificial dam lake with a total storage capacity of 2,840,000 tons. If you go further in, you will find the entrance to the mountain trail for Mt. Higakure (currently off-limits), where you can feel the nature of Okawara. The promenade around the well-maintained dam has beautiful flowers and plants throughout the year, and before the earthquake, you could fish for spatula, carp, smelt, and yamame throughout the year, and in the fall, you could fish for sweet potatoes surrounded by trees with beautiful autumn leaves. I was able to enjoy the meeting.
Although it is currently not possible to go inside the dam due to the earthquake, walking events are held where you can enjoy the cherry blossoms in spring and the autumn leaves.


1120 Okawara Nanpei, Okuma-machi, Futaba-gun, Fukushima 979-1306