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New alcohol has arrived!


Hotto Okuma

New sake has arrived at Hotto Okuma today!

Suzuki Sake Brewery Iwakikotobuki Golden Slumber Junmai Ginjo Namasake

720ml: 1,870 yen (tax included)

-Description of item-

``3.11 Memorial Sake'' and ``Golden Slumber'' may feel like the passage of time has passed quickly for some people, depending on their position.

As the individualization of those affected by the disaster becomes more severe, the word "fading from memory" is weighing increasingly heavily on the affected areas.

We pray for the peace of the souls of the victims of the earthquake and find hope for the victims and the affected areas, who lost many lives and their hometowns, by providing a place for them to come together and talk.

The idea behind this alcohol project was to take action for tomorrow and never let it fade.

We know that there are many people who celebrate March 11th with a variety of feelings, but through this sake, we would like to acknowledge what everyone has experienced.

For the sake of tomorrow, we strongly hope to connect the disaster-stricken areas and many people, share the past and present, and serve as a source of power to carve out a future for Tohoku and each other.

We hope that those of us who have lived since that day will come together and that this 3.11 Memorial Sake will bring warmth to many people in the disaster-stricken areas.

3.11 Memorial Sake
Golden Slumber Executive Committee


This time, only 12 pieces will be sold!

We do not take reservations, so please purchase your tickets as soon as possible.